Jean Coutu Group

2016 Holidays content campaign

December 2016


To appeal to customers whose shopping habits and inspirations have now moved online, and to increase the number and frequency of visits to Jean Coutu stores during the holiday period.


To start out, Bob turned to Alexandra Larouche and Marie-Christine Proulx, two Web influencers whose organic reach would bring Jean Coutu to new audiences backed by the full potential of their credibility. Our influencers had carte blanche to choose their favourite items from Jean Coutu’s holiday products and create videos to share their selections.

Next, Bob reached out directly to online shoppers, promoting Jean Coutu’s commercial offer on various digital platforms with a “window” page showcasing key products and Alexandra and Marie-Christine’s gift ideas.

Finally, this was supported by engaging contests in which customers could win the gift of their choice plus $100 worth of a variety of gift cards that they could give as presents to their loved ones.


A campaign centred on the diversity of the offer and high number of total impressions: 2,782,363! The influencers’ videos attained 228,356 views, and 30,262 people participated in the online contest.