B2B Video Campaign – Employer D

May 2017


Desjardins wished to promote its Employer D payroll and human resources solutions to a broad target of companies across Canada.


Bob chose to reach out to entrepreneurs with a video that presented payroll and human resources management in an easy-to-understand way with a lighthearted, graphic approach. The choice of animation via motion design enabled us to quickly and simply show the journey from an issue (not enough time or know-how to manage payroll and HR) to its solution (Employer D). It also enabled us to ideally integrate the Desjardins colours for better recognition.

In its long 90-second version, the video is used by the sales force in direct marketing and shown in French and English at specialty conferences and shows.

It also appears in a shorter version on social media.


Very good reception of the video by the target audience who were won over by the new, state-of-the-art visual language and by the clarity of the solutions that were presented.