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Avenue coaching


January 2017


Design a brand identity for R.O.S.E., a new company that offers urban leadership retreats to career women. The goal was to develop an identity that reflects the originality and uniqueness of R.O.S.E.’s service offering.


Bob created a distinctive personality for R.O.S.E. supported by an original and colourful visual concept. This concept was developed in the spirit of the company’s image—pop, vibrant and feminine, but also professional. Moreover, the R.O.S.E. name was repurposed as an acronym to extend its meaning: réseauter, orienter, sensibiliser, évoluer (network, orient, build awareness, evolve).

An evocative signature “leaders connectées” (well-connected leaders) supports the identity and recalls the networking activity and the relationships built between the participants. The visual concept also includes motivational quotes and photos of women who are leaders to inspire women to develop their leadership skills and exert more influence in their respective fields.


An evocative and inspiring brand identity that perfectly reflects the company’s personality!