Espace Nomad

Branding and website

August 2017


Modernize Espace Nomad’s visual identity and ensure the new image is used consistently across the company’s communications tools and brand territory.


Espace Nomad stands out from its competitors thanks to the wide range of services it offers as an urban spa. Bob wanted to strengthen this unique positioning by developing an original, colourful visual identity that includes all of Espace Nomad’s services: treatments and massages, the juice bar and the boutique. The tagline “shop wellness” was added to reinforce the company’s distinct “everything under one roof” offering. The new imagery was strongly inspired by the beach, surfing and the sense of escape that people feel when they enter the spa.

To make the new visual identity come to life, Bob overhauled the brand’s communications tools, including a new website and the spa’s indoor and outdoor signage.


A strong, inspiring brand image that’s perfectly in tune with Espace Nomad’s bohemian personality.