Lise Watier Foundation

Branding – Annual Benefit Gala 2017

October 2017


Create a strong, distinct identity for the annual Lise Watier Foundation ball inspired by the culture of Nordic countries. This complete identity platform had to include a concept, a logo and all the communication pieces for the foundation’s grandest fundraising event.


Under the name Älskar, the evening took flight to transport guests to the distant countries of Scandinavia. To develop this identity, Bob used such Nordic references as the word älskar, which means “love” in Swedish, and the symbol of the falcon, which represents strength and the celestial elements in mythology. These two themes of love and strength also have a direct link to the Lise Watier Foundation’s mission to help women in need attain sustainable financial independence.

An elegant, refined visual platform was developed to complete the evening’s identity. The use of grey, ochre and copper colours reflected the Nordic theme and gave the graphic elements a chic, distinguished appearance.


A magical evening that brought together 700 people and raised a record total of $695,000 to finance the foundation’s new “s’Entreprendre” program.