"Decadent Grilled Cheese" Shopper Marketing

March 2017


To design a national campaign in honour of National Grilled Cheese Day. To this end, Bob created an impactful marketing offensive around several brands of cheeses to position them as the top choice for grilled sandwiches.


For Bob, the grilled sandwich is the decadently gourmet epitome of culinary delights. That’s why we drew inspiration from the foodporn trend to develop a bold and impactful concept. The goal was to use various cheese brands to create truly fantastic culinary inventions to reinvent the traditional grilled cheese. This approach showcased the quality and variety of diffrent products.

The campaign targeted two audiences: consumers and restaurant owners. To reach the former, we played the humor card by integrating foodporn elements throughout the campaign, most notably in the presentation of the recipes. From the start, people were advised that the content of the brochure might not be suitable for everyone, as it presents mouthwatering ideas that may arouse them. In addition, we called on the expertise of a chef to develop truly daring recipes.

For restaurant owners, we created a brochure that features a complete guide to different cheese brands as well as tasty recipe ideas.

Thus, in addition to creating a funny and visually interesting concept, we offered consumers and restaurateurs tools and inspiration to integrate cheeses into their daily lives