Desjardins Card Centre

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Internal communication campaign – “Mastercard appears”

January 2015


The goal was to shine an original and festive light on the arrival of MasterCard credit cards in Desjardins branches and for the benefit of the Desjardins Card Centre.


Bob surprised Desjardins employees and got them involved by introducing the arrival of MasterCard under the theme of magic.

First, a mysterious box was sent to all branches with surprising items inside: a magic cup, personalized sweets, a postcard related to a contest, a button… and, most importantly, a prism to be placed on a cellphone screen to view a completely novel holographic experience thanks to 3D animation.

Next, the Desjardins Card Centre employees experienced a day full of surprises with tons of small entertainments, magic tricks and numerous gifts. Finally, a giant version of the holographic prism was installed on site for a large-scale, totally new and immersive 3D experience.