Déco Surfaces

"La sélection J'aime de Mariloup Wolfe" Integrated campaign

May 1, 2017


Déco Surfaces was looking to reposition its brand image by creating a real emotional bond with Quebeckers through its new 360-degree integrated campaign. 


To give Déco Surfaces an appealing face, create an emotional attachment between the brand and Quebeckers and inspire the target audience, Bob turned to Mariloup Wolfe, an exciting, creative Quebec personality, and embarked on a strong creative direction.

From this collaboration was born “La sélection J’aime de Mariloup Wolfe” (Mariloup Wolfe’s “I Like” Selection), presented in a TV ad that took us behind the scenes and gave Déco Surfaces experts a platform from which to speak. The campaign also rolled out in magazines, POS, and across an entire range of favourite products identified by the magazine’s streamlined, modern graphic iconography. For the occasion, the flyer was entirely redesigned as a “magalogue” (a magazine and catalogue hybrid) that was both elegant and practical, with the focus on relevant editorial content and graphically appealing, easy-to-read promotions. 


A significant increase in in-store traffic and a very positive reception of “La sélection J’aime de Mariloup Wolfe” by the general public.