V Media Group

"MAX" Branding

August 2016


Overhaul the positioning of the MusiMax channel, redefine its image and launch an all-new offer aimed at the general public. 


To begin with, Bob developed the more impactful name MAX and then designed a brand new image for the channel that’s inspirational, inclusive and authentic. The logo, which overflows its circle, hints at a broader and more generous offer. From a graphical point of view, it has the shape of a projector to bring to mind the fact that the channel targets viewers who love films and TV series. To support the new image, scalable signatures that adapt to the channel’s constantly evolving programming were used: “un MAX de series,” “un MAX de suspense,” “un MAX de plaisirs,” etc.

The agency also developed a comprehensive graphic platform and many advertising elements: a fall posting campaign for the 2016-2017 TV season (digital panels, movie-theatre posters, “wild posting” of pamphlets), radio spots, web ads, as well as promotional materials rolled out on  traditional media. 


MAXimum impact!