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MTLàTable - Sponsorship activation

July 2016

Desjardins wanted to promote its partnership with MTLàTABLE and its role as a sponsor of the event’s 5th edition in an original way by bringing its Rewards Visa Card to the table.


The Chefs had set the table, so Bob chose to create a delightful four-video miniseries starring a clever host riding his bike through Montreal’s streets as he heads out to meet three chefs from restaurants participating in the 5th edition of MTLàTABLE 

Rolled out on social media, these spots featured Martin Juneau of Pastaga, Alexandre Gosselin of Chez Victoire and Marie-Fleur St-Pierre of Tapeo who joined in on the fun while priming viewers’ taste buds for the upcoming MTLàTABLE extravaganza.

Moreover, for every purchase charged to the Desjardins Visa Rewards Card during the event, Desjardins pledged to donate to La Tablée des Chefs, an organization whose goal is to feed people in need and develop educational opportunities for young people.