Vins Balthazard

Pasico - Integrated Campaign

October 2016


Bob’s mandate was to design the first Quebec ad campaign for Pasico, a Spanish wine distributed by Vins Balthazard.


To celebrate the arrival of this wine on SAQ shelves, Bob played a seduction/humour card. The objective was to show that Pasico makes you want to travel, speak Spanish and impress guests with gourmet offerings.

The TV campaign included two 15-second spots featuring a couple falling for the charms of a good meal prepared with love and described in an amusing and colourful way in reinvented Spanish.

The campaign also unfolded in the pages of Ricardo and Zeste magazines as well as La Presse+ in ads that used word associations born of the fusion of local expressions with words derived directly from the Iberian Peninsula, such as “Todo Tiguidou!”


Within three weeks, Pasico was sold out in all SAQ outlets.