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Weston Foods

Plein d'grains Launch Campaign

February 2019


Weston Foods wanted to promote Gadoua’s new line of whole grain breads.


As Gadoua’s lead agency in Quebec, Bob suggested hiring a new spokesperson to launch their “Plein d’grains” range. The goal was to attract new customers while keeping up with the changing consumption habits of existing ones.

Featuring the tagline, “Plein d’grains, plein d’bon” (Lots of grains, lots of goodness), the campaign stars comedian Phil Roy in a setting similar to the one in the previous campaign, “Quand c’est bon, c’est bon” (When it’s good, it’s good), in the same grocery store, along with Rosalie and Éric. As a nod to this popular campaign, the result does justice to both the brand of our childhood and this new product line.

Launched on the day the products arrived in stores, February 14, the campaign features 15-second TV spots, 6-second digital pre-rolls, OOH, web banners and POS displays.