Sponsorship Activation – Cycling 2018

May 2018


For its sixth consecutive year as a major cycling sponsor, Desjardins wanted to highlight its community involvement by focusing on the essential: a passion for cycling that we all share.


To do so, Bob proposed making cyclists’ passion for biking come alive at events by portraying the three main types of riders: Day Trippers, Mountain Maniacs and Road Runners. During the popular Tour de l’Île de Montréal event, participants were able to enjoy three unique experiences related to these categories. At the end of the day, they were also able to take a photo with the type of rider that best reflects their cycling style on a set that was specially created for the event.

A large multimedia support campaign was deployed at the summer’s major cycling events, on social media and through a mobile-responsive microsite for optimal use on site. As well, a contest allowed the winner to select the prize that best matched their passion: a mountain bike, a racing bike, or a bike for the whole family.


Many positive comments on site and more than 115,000 contest entries. It was a great success!