Sponsorship activation - Summer festivals

June 2017


Make Desjardins Group’s partnership with the FrancoFolies de Montréal and the Festival d’été de Québec come alive in an original way while helping youth to express themselves through music.


Bob’s idea was to create a veritable happening by designing an interactive structure: a huge 3D record player we named the Disque-O-Don.

In groups of two or three, festival-goers were invited to operate the giant record player by walking to the rhythm of the music, keeping it turning at the correct RPM for 60 seconds.

Desjardins committed to donating $1 per participant to two organizations that help young people self-actualize through musical expression.

A Snapchat geofilter was also designed to allow participants to share their experience through the app.


Close to 1.3 million people exposed, more than 214,000 interactions on social media, $10,972 raised for the two organizations, 7,089 Snapchat posts.

The activation won an award at the Grands Prix de la commandite 2017 in the Best Activation – Arts and Culture category.