Jean Coutu Group

"Win the Grand Canyon" Promotional Campaign

March 2017


To create a TV campaign that would set itself apart from the rest during the winter season and encourage people to participate in the Win the Grand Canyon contest. Bob challenged itself to find a concept that would draw attention as much to the contest’s proposed destination as the featured products one had to purchase to enter the contest. 


Bob designed a punchy concept that brought humour and breathtaking landscapes together to make an impression on people’s imagination. It was easy for the audience to project itself into the ads since they offered a preview of the incredible experience contest winners would have. For this campaign, we went in a new direction by featuring a Jean Coutu employee for the first time. In the ads, the employee comes across as both likeable and detail oriented, which represented Jean Coutu’s values well. In this way, we managed to promote both the company as well as the contest.