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Axis - A confident positioning


A confident positioning


Axis Lighting Inc


Retail Business




What you should know

Axis Lighting is a trusted company that specializes in architectural lighting and enjoys a solid international reputation, especially in North America.

They’re well known for taking on projects that most other lighting companies turn down due to their difficulty. Axis’ philosophy is to build-to-order their products using the most sophisticated technologies supported by their unparalleled expertise.

Yet despite the unquestionable value of their solutions, Axis wasn’t enjoying the brand awareness they wanted, and which they certainly deserved. The company was looking for a new strategy to increase brand recognition while also achieving their growth objectives. And that’s where Bob stepped in.

Essentially, the project consisted of taking the brand to the next level to achieve an iconic status in the eyes of the main buyers of their products (who tend to be designers and architects), giving Axis the well-deserved status as a leader in their industry. In other words, we wanted to take the brand from a niche player to an indispensable visionary. And to do so, we had to focus on the brand’s pillars to better assert Axis’ unique positioning.


What we did

Straight away, we made two observations. First, very few companies in the lighting industry stand out from the crowd. And second, beyond simplicity and design, the brands that do stand out all have a clearly defined goal. They understand why they make what they make.

We therefore began to look for the brand’s purpose, upon which we could build Axis’ strategic vision for years to come. We quickly developed a series of questions: What connects Axis Lighting to their customers? Why do these consumers turn to Axis and choose to trust them with their projects? And how can we make this key objective come to life, from designing the initial solutions all the way to customer service?

Our first step was to immerse ourselves in the brand’s universe to understand Axis’ story and challenges, the complex lighting market, the business relationships between different stakeholders, and both industry and cultural trends. After delving into all of this, we established a clear positioning, promise, vision and mission for the brand. The result of this process was an inspiring brand tone that’s both powerful and refined—just like Axis Lighting.

With this better defined brand personality, we refreshed the visual identity to allow Axis to resonate clearly and emphatically with their target market.


What we accomplished

Relevant brand positioning and pillars, a clearly defined personality, a new brand universe—Axis now has a powerful framework to unite their employees and distinctly showcase their exceptional attributes with their target market.