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Quebec cider - 2023 Quebec Cider Week

Quebec cider

2023 Quebec Cider Week


Les Producteurs de cidre du Québec


Retail / cider


Shopper marketing


What you should know

To celebrate Cider Week, Les Producteurs de cidre du Québec wanted to celebrate in style! The event’s 7th edition took place from May 4 to 14, providing the perfect occasion to promote this product category and invite consumers to visit their favourite stores and load up on cider.

This year, the association was proud to partner with Metro to showcase the ciders available at many of their stores across Quebec. Bob was hired to help the association develop and roll out a large-scale 360-degree activation.


What we did

The partnership between Les Producteurs de cidre du Québec and Metro featured a multichannel campaign with a flyer insert (print and digital), a contest, video content for social media created by two influential partners—K pour Katrine and Folks and Forks—as well as sampling stations at Metro stores.

The agency took charge of the ideation, development and roll-out of the activations, bringing the collaboration between Metro and the cider association to life. One of the challenges was to promote all the producers who are members of the association to raise awareness about the entire category, rather than just one product or brand. This was reflected through the various creations and activations developed, notably in the choice of ciders to sample at grocery stores and the selection of contest prizes.


What we accomplished

The results of these efforts were very impressive: 1,200 samples distributed directly to consumers at the 10 participating Metro locations, and a 116% increase in sales volumes (during the week of the activation in 2023 vs. 2022).

As well, 2.3 million flyers were distributed, 400,000 videos views were recorded on social media, and the contest garnered 338,000 impressions on Metro’s social platforms.

The activation provided consumers with an excellent opportunity to learn more about this product category and Quebec’s cider producers, and to better support them. We received lots of enthusiastic comments in the field, such as: “Sparkling ciders are the perfect drink. They’re so refreshing!” and “I had no idea there were so many varieties of cider produced and bottled in Quebec!”