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Nicolas Laloux Svelte - Savour the summer

Nicolas Laloux Svelte

Savour the summer


Arterra Wines


Retail / Wines


Shopper marketing


What you should know

Arterra Wines turned to Bob to help advertise their summer products. As Quebecers like to buy refreshing drinks in the summer, our job was to make sure Arterra’s products stood out in stores.

To do so, we organized a contest around a summer sports item that’s very popular in Quebec: the paddle board. By creating an impactful POS, we were able to promote the offer and obtain a strategic location in stores, plus get the retailers involved. We also wanted to engage with consumers and encourage impulse buys by showcasing products with summer flavours like dragon fruit for Nicolas Laloux and red sangria for Svelte.


What we did

Creating this campaign had its challenges. The agency had to find a common link to make the brand images of both Nicolas Laloux and Svelte come to life, despite their two distinct looks and feels. We decided on a creative direction with bold, lively tones to represent summer and evoke sunshine.

Bob and Arterra also used the campaign as an opportunity to innovate, creating a wow effect in stores. We created an array of high-visibility pieces and found a bold way to showcase the prize (a paddle board) and keep it standing safely in store, taking a variety of constraints into account.


What we accomplished

In stores, this resulted in 200 POS executions with paddle boards, 50 additional posters, and 50,000 neck hang tags on bottles. Bob also produced a sell sheet to help sales reps execute the campaign in the field.

The contest was a huge success, with more than 11,500 participants and a 76% conversion rate on the microsite, where consumers could sign up to enter the contest.

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