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Nutrisanté - Redefine the editorial stance of the Nutricap and Nutrifem brands


Redefine the editorial stance of the Nutricap and Nutrifem brands




Nutritional supplements and beauty products




What you should know

Laboratoires Nutrisanté turned to Bob to help their brands Nutricap and Nutrifem restore their prominent place on social media in Canada.

A detailed analysis of the organic social presence of both brands allowed Bob to find that significant gains could be achieved by thoroughly overhauling their online communications. Over the years, Nutricap and Nutrifem had become increasingly quiet on social platforms, creating a distance with their communities and leaving a non-exploited gap.

Armed with this insight and following a simultaneous identity repositioning for both brands, Bob built its mandate around the critical need to define a new, relevant editorial stance for the brands and revitalize their story. Our team immersed themselves deeply in the Nutrifem and Nutricap universe to understand their origins, developments and aspirations. Throughout this process, we carefully studied the various approaches used by direct and indirect competitors, allowing us to identify the industry’s best practices and position each brand distinctly.


What we did

Bob defined a new editorial stance that fully captures the essence of both brands while adapting to the specific nuances of each of their products. This strategic reinvention laid the foundations for a revitalized social presence, returning Nutricap and Nutrifem to the forefront of relevant and captivating online conversations.

By working with the new editorial stance, we identified content pillars that enabled us to discuss topics more likely to create engagement. This crucial step allowed us to better understand the community, perform a variety of tests and confirm which topics worked the best.

Throughout the process, we were careful to position the brands as a natural solution to multiple needs while adopting a laboratory-like approach to support and inform the public.


What we accomplished

Both brands now enjoy clear and strong editorial stances.

For Nutricap: “An approach based on the benefits of natural ingredients and laboratory research to offer an affordable and effective solution for hair problems.”

For Nutrifem: “A range of nutritional supplements that support women through various health issues by providing natural, laboratory-tested solutions to improve their wellness at every stage of life.”

To go even further, Bob is currently developing additional tactics to grow the community through influence marketing, collaborations and unboxing videos. Our next goal is to promote product engagement and discovery.