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For the third straight year, Bob participated in A2C’s Open House Day, which introduces more than 750 students to the world of ad agencies.

During the half-day visit, participants were invited to explore career opportunities in the field of marketing communications, and to immerse themselves in agency life.

Each year, Bob strives to provide a concrete and original experience to the next generation of marketers, in order to contribute to their professional development.


History, branding and guidance

On Friday, February 8, we welcomed 10 students in our own special way! The experience began with a short tour of the agency with a member of the Bob team, and it was the perfect opportunity to learn more about agency life and enjoy a good conversation over a cup of coffee.

The students then made their way to their first stop: the partners’ office. Our General Manager Jean-François Joyal warmly welcomed our guests and discussed how Bob has evolved since its founding in 2002, as well as topics such as creativity and entrepreneurship. It was a golden opportunity for the students to learn a bit more about how the agency works.

Next, they made their way to the second workshop, where a strategist and creative led a discussion about something we’re very passionate about: branding. Lily Barrière-Groppi, Lead Strategist, and Audrey Saint-Cierge, Art Director, demonstrated the steps we take to develop a brand using actual projects we’ve carried out.

Our guests then visited the final stop on our tour, devoted to professional guidance. Facilitated by Sanmohini Pellerin, Director, Employer Brand, this workshop allowed students to discuss their future prospects in an environment that’s conducive to developing their personality and talent. This exercise is always highly appreciated by the students, who often begin their career with only vague ideas about the industry before entering the workforce. In fact, during last year’s workshop Vanessa Boivin realized she’d like to do an internship at Bob as part of her studies at the Université de Sherbrooke—a vision that we’re pleased to make a reality over this year’s winter term!

And what better way to end a beautiful morning than to load up on energy, and contacts! Our guests were invited to grab a slice of pizza and a cold beer with the Bob team to further discuss their shared passion for communications.


See you soon!

We’ll be sure to see our visitors again soon, as every guest was given a special parting gift: an hour-long consultation with a Bob team member of their choice! Whether to polish a CV, discuss a strategy or creative execution, or to get help planning an end-of-term communications budget or presentation, at Bob we always go the extra mile to make a bigger impact.

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Here is the A2C video report. (In French only)

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