Laboratoire Suisse, naturally Swiss!

Laboratoire Suisse and Bob have launched a major advertising campaign with a 15-second TV spot and three 10-second bumper ads on TV and web pre-rolls.

In a highly competitive industry, it is essential for the brand to focus on its differentiating elements and enhance the credibility of its natural products.

“More than a concept, we wanted to build a fun, creative platform that promotes the entire product range through a reinvented Swiss symbol—evoking the benefits of each product, whether for energy, travelling, joint pain, sleep disorders, etc.,” said Nicolas Cliet-Marrel, Copywriter at Bob and Creative Lead for the campaign.

This campaign highlights the brand’s overhauled identity, which has been refreshed and modernized.

“We are very proud of the work done by Bob’s team both in terms of creating this new campaign platform and redefining our brand identity. These achievements will give us a better position in the market,” said François Leblond, Marketing Director at Laboratoire Suisse.

The campaign has been rolled out in three phases: the first before Christmas, the second at the start of the year, and the third in late February.

Client: Laboratoire Suisse
Agency: Bob
Media: Havas Media
Production:: Tonic DNA
Sound effects:: Momentum
Original music:: Louis-Philippe Quesnel