Same street, fresh perspective!

Bob was mandated to promote the identity of local businesses that share a common customer base by offering office workers and area residents a fresh perspective.

“Since our agency is located close to SDC Vieux-Montréal businesses, I know first-hand how proximity can influence perception,” says Claudéric Saint-Amand, Bob’s creative and strategy VP. "In fact, it’s a basic shopper marketing principle. When we frequent certain businesses daily, our vision grows accustomed to what we see, making it hard to see everything that’s available.”

Under the banner “Suis-moi sur McGill,” the campaign aims to showcase this commercial artery from the perspective of six McGill-Street regulars who’ll share their discoveries and must-sees on social media.

The campaign will roll out on Facebook and Instagram with additional support from billboard ads. Moreover, new signage elements will allow merchants to identify their businesses.

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