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At Bob, our approach is truly collaborative. We start by taking a closer look at your business so we can better understand and master what you do. Along with our know-how and passion for creation, strategy, digital, and advisory, it all adds up to creative business intelligence. Welcome to Bob!

Our pillars


Ideas are an innovation engine for brands. That’s why our ecosystem of multidisciplinary talents is deeply rooted in people and the world at large. We are open-minded, humble, and attentive, which allows us to come up with products that are strategically innovative—and produce tangible business results.


Creative business intelligence is our response to meeting the challenges of market hyper-fragmentation and brand differentiation. We make sure your brand shines in ways that meet your business goals. No matter the issue, every solution must have a global impact on your ecosystem.


Technology should serve humans, and not the other way around. Knowing that every user is unique, and meeting them where they are, is where we truly shine. By taking a holistic approach to the customer journey, our team is able to build a digital experience that’s effective and memorable.


We aim to work in close collaboration with you in order to meet challenges head on. We are fully committed and always by your side to support you. Our curiosity, entrepreneurial spirit, and drive for growth make us the perfect partner to anticipate and meet your unique needs, every day.

Our know-how

    • Brand strategy
    • Brand positioning
    • Visual identity
    • Employer brand
    • Brand expression
    • Radio, TV, displays, digital, etc.
    • B2B campaigns
    • Employer brand communications
    • Digital experiences
    • Media (planning and purchasing)
    • Content marketing (videos, social platforms)
    • Connected buying shows
    • Sponsorship activation
    • Conferences
    • Recognition evenings
    • eLearning programs (gamification)
    • Creating and activating specific promotional programs
    • Developing and maintaining strong relationships with retailers; excellent ability to understand their needs
    • Amplifying the omnichannel experience
    • Developing business alliances
    • Developing mobilization programs for merchants and employees
    • Creating and producing POS material and innovative commercial furniture
    • Social-media and influencer strategies
    • Content creation
    • Content production
    • Platform management and moderation

It’s never business as usual


Good ideas and the very best intentions shine brighter when we know just how to bring them to life. Every project—from print to events—is carried out with simplicity, ease, and rigorous attention to detail in order to generate a sense of pride, impact, and successful results.

Look what Bob can do