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Maison Ladore - A spectacular launch

Maison Ladore

A spectacular launch


Arterra Wines Canada


Retail / Wines


Shopper marketing


Maison Ladore is a new Arterra Wines brand developed in partnership with Cassandra Loignon, an entrepreneur and influencer who’s popular with women aged 18 to 35. The goal was to create one of Quebec’s first lifestyle wines supported by a prominent personality who shares the same values and interests as the target market.

To launch the brand in grocery stores, Bob produced the entire campaign with 360-degree support—from design and creative to in-store and online execution and a contest to win a California getaway. In order to seamlessly integrate into store layouts while maintaining the brand’s high-end sophistication, we developed an array of spectacular posters and displays that pique consumers’ curiosity and arouse their interest, making them want to discover Maison Ladore wines.