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Séminaire Saint-Joseph - A conscious evolution

Séminaire Saint-Joseph

A conscious evolution


Séminaire Saint-Joseph






What you should know

A fixture in the educational landscape since 1860, Séminaire Saint-Joseph de Trois-Rivières has always embodied deeply rooted values of sharing, heritage and personal fulfillment. However, the bell had rung for this emblematic institution: it was time to reinvent itself and adapt to the contemporary aspirations of young people. The institution was ripe for a bold and enlightened transformation, and it chose Bob.

Throughout the mandate, Bob had the privilege of accompanying an extraordinary team in its quest for renewal. We worked hand in hand to thoroughly revamp the company’s identity and propel it into a new era while honoring its rich past. Founded more than 160 years ago, Séminaire Saint-Joseph made the bold decision to question its historical motto, “Religion and Country,” in order to better reflect today’s realities.


What we did

Our collaboration led to an in-depth process of reflection, exploring the foundation of the institution and guiding its evolution towards an identity more in line with the current aspirations of young people and society as a whole. In conjunction with the seminar, a brand manifesto was created that embodies the current vision of supporting students in an ever-changing world.

With this strategic foundation in place, we brought the new identity to life with a tagline – “An environment that makes a difference” – a logo, visual vectors and a dynamic color palette that all reflect the new direction. This graphic identity is now ready to be deployed with coherence and harmony across various communication tools such as print, website and social media, ensuring a consistent, high-impact experience.