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What you should know

Over the past few decades, the financial sector has undergone significant changes, with new, dynamic players using simpler language that’s more technically oriented. In short, the industry is experiencing a major shift. And in its 43-year existence, fdp has refined its expertise and developed its private financial management services.

fdp was created to serve a very specific clientele: doctors, dentists, pharmacists, notaries and architects, hence the name Professionals’ Financial. Over time, it has grown to become one of the most accomplished financial services experts in Quebec, applying its financial intelligence to serve clients in each professional sector, all of which have also undergone changes.

In light of this widespread modernization, fdp set to work reviewing its strategic positioning from top to bottom. It was time to take the brand to the next level. And so Bob stepped in, working closely with the fdp team to get the ball rolling.


What we did

Knowing that in order to excel in brand management we must leverage our diverse areas of expertise, we gathered fdp’s top talent around a table. We then launched a step-by-step repositioning process with our partner.

The first stage was to create a brand new visual identity to turn Professionals’ Financial into fdp – Financial Intelligence. The idea? Modernize the brand while celebrating its roots. To do so, we created a new fdp logo featuring a symbol that represents the five professions the brand built its reputation on.

The new colours and tagline modernize the brand and differentiate it from banks, while using the fdp abbreviation unifies all of the brand communications and supports its digital evolution. The brand’s voice was also redeveloped, and is now friendly, clear, energetic, positive and concise.

The new brand launched in fall 2020 with a digital advertising campaign deployed via banners on La Presse+ and Radio-Canada as well as on social media, across the five professions that make up fdp’s clientele.


What we accomplished

We asked the fdp team how they see themselves today:

We’re a young and energetic brand,” equipped to grow its client base. This was essential, since 45% of them are aged 65 years and older and over the coming years, $1 trillion in assets will be transferred to younger generations.

We’re better adapted to our innovative era.” This was key, since younger generations are more likely to be interested in technological products, as are wealthier investors.

Our brand is relevant and distinctive:” applied financial intelligence simply makes sense. We can therefore say mission accomplished thanks to amazing teamwork. And, especially, thanks to Bob’s intelligent thinking. That’s what we’re all about.